Unexpected Ways To Use Flowers In Your Beauty Regimen

A whole new degree of luxury may be added to your self-care routine by including flowers into your cosmetic routine. Natural floral power combined with conventional beauty treatments can help promote calm and offer nourishing and purifying properties that will benefit your skin and hair. There are many unconventional methods to incorporate flowers in your beauty routine that you may not have thought of previously, from floral facials to flower-infused oils.

These are a few straightforward yet potent suggestions for including flowers in your cosmetic routine.

1. Flower Facial Masks

Face masks prepared from rose petals or other edible flower petals that have been slightly crushed are a luxurious treat for the skin and can offer a number of flower benefits for skin, including deep hydration, inflammation relief, and gentle exfoliating.

2. Flower Infused Oils

You can make your own floral infused oil by simply adding a few petals of edible flowers (such as roses) to an oil base like almond or Jojoba oil. This oil can be used as a moisturizer after cleansing your face, or applied directly onto areas that need extra nourishing. 

3. Floral Hair Masks

There are many ways you can use flowers in hair masks, depending on what type of flower you choose and what kind of results you’re looking for. For example, rosemary is great for encouraging hair growth while chamomile helps lighten hair. 

4. Flower-Infused Toners

Floral toners are a great way to soothe and hydrate skin without feeling overly greasy. To make your own homemade flower-infused toner, simply steep a tablespoon of dried flowers (like chamomile or lavender) in one cup of boiling water for 15 minutes, then strain out the petals and add some witch hazel to the solution before applying it onto your face with a cotton ball. 

5. Floral Bath Salts

Adding a handful of petals from edible flowers like roses, jasmine or lavender to your bathtub can help create an indulgent spa experience at home. The petals work to soften the water and create a soothing scent, while also nourishing and cleansing your skin. 

For an even more luxurious bathing experience, try sprinkling some freshly picked rose petals or lavender buds over the steaming surface of your tub before climbing in – the calming aroma will help you relax as you soak away any tensions in the warm water. 

A few drops of essential oil can also be added to give your bath salts an extra boost of aromatherapy benefits!

6. Floral Body Scrubs

If you’re looking for a way to give your skin a gentle and natural exfoliation, try making a simple flower petal scrub using fresh petals of edible flowers such as roses. Add some of the petals to your favorite everyday cleanser and use it to gently remove dirt and buildup from your face – this is an excellent way to keep your skin looking young and radiant.

In Conclusion

Incorporating flowers into your beauty regimen is an easy and affordable way to add a whole new level of luxury to your self-care routine. From floral facials and flower-infused oils, to flower petal scrubs and floral bath salts, there are many simple yet effective ways in which you can use flowers to enhance your beauty routine. So go ahead and get creative – you’re sure to find something that works for you! 

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