Five Ways to Get More Fresh Air In Your Home

There is something so wonderful about fresh air! If you’ve ever gone into a dense section of nature and taken a deep, wholesome breath, you know exactly how uplifting it feels to bring clean air into your body. While being outside and breathing the pure air is an optimal way to experience fresh air, unfortunately, you can’t bottle it up and bring it home. In order to recreate the same feeling of being able to take deep breaths of clean air when inside, you will need to consider a few different options. One way, of course, is to let the outside air into your house, even if you don’t have a dense forest or trees or a salty-smelling ocean in your backyard to give you the strongest fresh-air-effect. 

But although opening up the doors and windows to allow the outdoor air to circulate around your home is an ideal way to bring fresh air inside, there are other ways to make the air inside your home clean and fresh. If you live where the air outside is smoggy, smokey, or otherwise polluted, you might prefer the option of purifying your own clean air inside. We have included ways to increase the fresh air in your home spanning a variety of ideas, so take a look at our suggestions and find the ones that are right for you!

Try a Magnetic Screen Door Closure

For bringing the fresh air outside in, a screen door magnetic closure is the way to go. Magnetic screen doors stay closed through magnets so you can air out your home without worrying about bugs getting inside. The thick and durable mesh in magnetic screen door closures is capable of securing your house without blocking your view of the outdoors. Additionally, the magnets holding a magnetic screen door closure shut are strong enough to open around your body when you move in and out, but seamlessly join together again once you’ve passed through. Screen door magnetic closures are easy to install along the top and sides of your door frame and will be able to withstand even your rowdiest child or pet. 

Install Mesh Over the Window Frames

When it comes to letting the fresh outdoor air into your home, another smart option is to seal the window frames with mesh covering so you can also air rooms out. You likely only have one or two doors facing the outside in your home but probably have multiple windows, which makes opening your windows a smart way to circulate more clean air around your house. Mesh is effective at keeping bugs and other animal intruders out, but still letting air in. 

Fill Your Home With Houseplants

You can actually achieve more fresh air inside your home by increasing the number of houseplants you own! Not only do certain plants filter toxins out of air, they can also improve the general quality of the air you’re breathing. Plants also look lovely as a splash of green or color against your walls and decor. Plus, plants often have a lovely clean or floral scent that will help combat weird smells due to poor air circulation. 

Add Moisture to the Air With Humidifiers

Another way to improve the air in your home and make it feel better for your body and skin is through running a humidifier. Humidifiers come in all different shapes and sizes, so you can place them in multiple rooms of your home; some humidifiers even look so trendy that you can consider them decor pieces! Humidifiers improve the air quality in your home by adding moisture, which adjusts the humidity levels in your living spaces until they are at healthy measurements. You’ll feel the differences in your skin and respiratory system, in particular!

Prevent Foul Odors

There are many places where bad smells can originate inside the home, including full trash bins, pets, shoes, body odor, rotten food, dirty dishes, or stuffy rooms where too many smells fester. In order to keep the air inside your home smelling its best so you can take deep breaths of peace (and not short inhalations of disgust), be sure to stay on top of cleaning, particularly when it comes to odor-intensive items/areas.

There is nothing quite like taking deep breaths of clean air, whether that is the air found in nature or purified air that you create in your home. No matter where it comes from or how you achieve it, you’ll feel the health effects of breathing clean air while you are at home. Especially if you spend long hours in your living space, it’s highly important that you give special attention to maintaining healthy air quality inside. Use these five ways of increasing the fresh air in your home to bring your living areas to the next level of comfort!

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