How to Stop Getting Bored When Writing a Dissertation Proposal?


A dissertation is a very long and challenging process for the students. It can be very advantageous for the student when they once complete it on time. The student has to choose a topic of interest and work on it. While writing a dissertation, students do a lot of research. It has a significant impact on your career, so they must work hard. Choose the topic you are interested in and share your ideas with your teachers. Make sure that your teacher will approve your topic of interest. After approval, start collecting all the necessary data on your topic. You can also get the data from the old research papers and dissertations of the scholars.

Writing a dissertation proposal means spending a lot of time researching the topic. Constant work has the chance to bore you. Now the question arises how do one face the difficulties? And How do you stop getting bored when writing a dissertation proposal? In this article, you will learn the tips you can act upon to not get bored in this long journey of writing a dissertation proposal.

Tips To  Avoid Getting Bored When Writing Dissertation Proposal:

While writing a dissertation process, you often get bored or do not understand what to do. It usually happens when you are researching a specific topic but do not find any clear conclusion or do extensive research. It is a game of mind over body. You may get bored as it is a very long process, or you may be stuck at some point and do not want to write more on the dissertation. Here are some helpful tips you can use while writing a dissertation proposal.

1.      Take Breaks:

Constant writing makes many of us distressed. Taking time off for yourself is a tip to avoid getting tired and bored. Take frequent breaks while writing, like a half-hour break after every two hours. Do not write the whole day. It may affect your physical and mental health. Order some yummy food for yourself in breaks or cook it. A healthy mind generates good ideas that help write a dissertation proposal.

2.      Set Goals:

You will not get bored when you work by setting goals. For example, fix your aim that you have to write 2000 words per day. Then set your time routine according to it. Be serious about your goals. Remind your goals when you get fed up with your work. Talk to yourself that you should achieve your goals and think about a prosperous future. It helps you to motivate yourself. You can also take motivation lectures from the consultant team. Schedule Your TimeTable:

Schedule your work timetable per day to meet your goals. Take a diary and calendar and start creating your daily schedule. Write an appropriate timetable in which you can sleep and eat well and also do your writing dissertation proposal tasks. Keep notes in your diary or mobile in which you created your timetable. Make sure that you have set time aside for other tasks. Your health is also essential. Keep your work schedule short at the start, and then try to increase the workload with time. Do not pressure yourself all the time. You only need to do your work according to the time you set. In this way, you will adopt the habit of constantly working on your dissertation; thus, you can avoid getting bored or pressurized.

3.      Reward yourself:

Rewarding yourself increases your inner strength while writing a dissertation proposal. When you complete a day’s task, reward yourself. The reward should be according to your work. For example, You reward yourself only if you achieve your daily goals. It may be that you can now watch your favourite serial at the end of the day. 

4.      Go For a Walk:

Writing a dissertation proposal is a very lengthy task, and the chances of getting bored are very high. When your mind is tired, the walk helps you a lot. Morning walks help you open your mind and start writing effectively. However, a daily morning walk also maintains your body’s health. It is very beneficial for the students who do work all the time.

5.      Change your Time Routine:

The same time routine will also get you bored while writing a dissertation proposal. Try to change your time routine after the month or when required. Understand which time is best for you to write a dissertation proposal and then start writing. Do not forget to take frequent breaks no matter which time you choose. Sleep early and wake up early and if you feel better, try to work in the morning. In the morning, your mind is fresh your writing speed is also fast. It does not apply to all the students. However, some students feel better while writing at night.

6.      Change your place of writing:

It is another tip to avoid getting bored while writing a dissertation proposal. If you love to work in the garden, you can move to the garden and complete your tasks while surrounded by nature. Some candidates love to work in the fresh air. You can also choose your home terrace. You will write better when you see nature and feel at peace.

You can also change the place of your work at your home but make sure it is not noisy. Avoid choosing a noisy environment as it distracts your attention from your work.


In this article, the writer wants to convey some of the best tips and advice that will help you avoid getting bored while writing a dissertation proposal. A dissertation is a very long-term process, but you do not need to worry. You can complete it on time by pursuing the above tips. Best of Luck!

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