How should the house be tidied up when moving?

It seems easy to move, but it is so difficult to collect, transport, clean, and place the goods, etc. It takes days or even weeks. Although we leave the job to a transport company, many tasks still fall on us. Of course, this task must be performed completely. We have presented the most practical house collection methods during the moving phase below. You should check it out.


If you have decided to move, the parcel is a must. You need to save by buying parcels from the markets around you. You can request and procure protective packaging materials not only from markets but also from white goods stores. If you get help from a moving company, they will come supplied with packing. However, this will slightly increase the shipping cost. The job falls to the head to carry out the transportation process in an inexpensive way.


Maybe the new place you will move to will be small, the items in your current house may be too much. Either sell your surplus items or give them to those not in good condition. In this way, you do a good deed. If you get rid of unnecessary items quickly, your packaging time will decrease, and you will not have to deal with carrying items to nowhere. When we say unnecessary items, it can be furniture, kitchen supplies, clothes, or children’s materials. It doesn’t matter. Separate whatever you think is unnecessary. To evaluate them, either offer them for sale or, as we said, find and give them to people who have no financial situation.


The most imperative thing in the packaging process is planning. If you act in a planned way, your work will take a short time and get a better result.

Where to start the packaging process?

  • First, pack your valuables, money, Jewellery, gold, and valuables, or place them in reliable box-bag-sacks. You can also put it in the safe if there is a safe.
  • Then, if you have books, pack your books.
  • If you have trinkets and paintings, choose again and pack the valuable ones.
  • Empty and pack your silverware or drawers.
  • Pack your sheets, duvets, pillows, and the rest of your home textiles.
  • Put your shoes on with your winter or summer clothes.
  • Pack utensils that are of little use.
  • Pack your electronic items (such as refrigerator, dishwasher, stove, oven) in the kitchen.
  • On the day of moving, you can pack kitchen utensils and similar items that you frequently use in your daily life.

In this way, you will be able to pack your belongings completely and regularly. Make sure to include a “breakable item” note on the boxes containing breakable items so that you can be more careful during transportation. If you wish, write information about the material or content on the box, whatever the material you put in the boxes, so that when you move to the new house, you will at least understand whether the box is necessary for the kitchen, is it suitable for the living room or for different rooms. Naming the boxes or packages will be of great convenience for you during the placement and washing phase.

Of course, if you don’t have time to deal with these things, you can negotiate with a shipping company and get assistance in packaging-loading transportation. Expertise and reference are important in this business.

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