After consuming four years in an Indian penitentiary Pakistani woman, daughter reared home.

Pakistani woman Sumaira Rehman, who finished four years in Bangalore prison for no guilt of hers came to Pakistan along with her four-year-old daughter named Sana Fatima.

Indian officers passed over Sumaira Rehman; her daughter called Sana Fatima, to Pakistani leaders at the Wagha border.

Pakistani High Commission officers attended Sumaira Rehman from Bangalore to the Wagah border. It will bring another four days for Sumaira Rehman to meet all the lawful conditions and to; conduct immigration procedures.

“After which she would be complimentary to proceed where ever she enjoys,” stated Senator Irfan Siddique, who extended Sumaira Rehman’s case in Pakistani Senate and was, preserving the path of her whereabouts since then.

Irfan Siddique submitted Sumaira Rehman’s point in the Senate after the Ministry of Interior declined to administer a certificate of her ethnicity on the demand of the Pakistani High Commission in New Delhi.

“As far as I comprehend, nobody from Sumaira’s brood was current at the Wagha border to accept her,” Senator Siddique communicated.

Sumaira Rehman was recompensed in Qatar in 2017 when she wedded an Indian Muhammad Shahab counter to the consent of her parents. Shahab brought her to India, where the pair sank. After her visa parted, she was; dispatched to prison along with her spouse. Later on, Indian heads released her husband but held her in prison, where she presented inception to a baby girl. More details

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