How Meghan Markle Inspired Alexandra Daddario’s ‘Something Blue’

When you think of “The White Lotus”actress Alexandra Daddario, you are probably already conjuring up images of the “something blue” she carries with her at all times. Yes, we’re referring to the stunning star’s mesmerizing blue eyes, which are natural, by the way, and not the result of contact lenses.

But when it came to Daddario’s wedding to film producer Andrew Form, she had another “something blue” in mind that was actually inspired by one of the world’s most famous former brides, Meghan Markle.

First, for the 2018 wedding that saw the Duchess of Sussex marry her prince, Harry — you know, the one that was watched by over 29 million Americans — the mom of two chose a very sentimental “something blue” of her own. As she shared in the documentary “Queen of the World,” the royal went back to her first date with the Duke of Sussex for inspiration.

Meghan Markle added a sweet touch to her wedding dress

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry reportedly went out on their first date in July of 2016 after being set up on a blind date by a mutual friend, and quickly got serious, although the timeline of their romance has recently been called into question by royal biographer Tom Bower.

When the couple was ready to walk down the aisle, the Duchess of Sussex wanted to pay homage to her first meeting with her soon-to-be husband. So, as she related, her “something blue” was “fabric from the dress that I wore on our first date,” which she had sewn into her bridal gown (via Harper’s Bazaar).

Flash forward to this summer in New Orleans and “The White Lotus” actress and bride Alexandra Daddario turned to her idol for her “something blue.” No, the star didn’t sew a swath of material from her first date with Andrew Form into her Danielle Frankel wedding gown (via People). Instead, Daddario recruited an accessory first made famous by Princess Diana.

For Alexandra Daddario, it was all about Meghan Markle’s ring

Alexandra Daddario knew what she wanted to look like when she got married in June. Her Danielle Frankel dress was the third gown she tried on, with the star explaining to People, “For me, once I put it on and I knew, I didn’t want to go and try on a million other things.” Meanwhile, Daddario also planned to wear a piece of jewelry that Meghan Markle donned on her wedding day in 2018.

“I’m obsessed with Meghan Markle,” the actress told the outlet. “She wore an aquamarine ring I believe from Princess Diana’s collection. Mine was less fancy, but I had a large blue, aquamarine ring copying Meghan Markle.”

Indeed, according to Hello!, the stunning accessory royal fans noticed the Duchess of Sussex wearing was a 13-carat aquamarine and diamond ring set in white gold that once belonged to Prince Harry’s mother. The Duke of Sussex gifted the bauble the Princess of Wales wore after her divorce from Prince Charles, and that is worth five figures, to his wife on their wedding day.

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