Why Choose Amity University in Dubai for Higher Study?

Why Choose Amity University in Dubai for Higher Study?

About Amity University Dubai

Amity Business School programs are designed to give students an understanding of the role of business in society, and the interrelationships between business functions and its business functions. The first semesters focus on introducing students to performance tools and problem-solving techniques, while the final semester courses include case studies and business simulations that allow students to apply their analytical skills in real-world business situations.

Our Business School programs for undergraduates and graduate students are huge. In addition to BBA and MBA courses, we are proud to offer specialized programs in business, insurance, banking, and logistics, while our unique three-country program allows students to study in the UAE, USA, and UK.

The Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) focuses more on the financial aspects of management, while the Economics Program studies the formulation and implementation of economic policy.

For working professionals, our BBA and MBA programs offer evening and weekend study opportunities.

So Amity University Dubai is the most popular and famous university for international and national students. And this university has got many awards.

Why Dubai for Study?

University programs are based on the education system of their country and it is full of internship opportunities for hardworking students. The experience here means being part of a truly cosmopolitan society. It’s a warm and friendly country and students can call their home away from home. Dubai has seen thousands of people from India and other Asian countries move there to find work or study, from being one of the best tourist destinations to the most popular destination.

Cost of Education

The cost of studying in Dubai is cheaper compared to its western counterparts, but the cost of living is high – almost equal to the best countries in Europe.

Available Courses

There are many courses available, both bachelor and master’s or diplomas. Students will be taught to cope with real-world challenges, with an emphasis on practicality and reasoning skills.


Universities and colleges in Dubai offer scholarships from time to time to help students continue their studies there. However, these scholarships are not regularly offered by the institutions, and therefore the competition to get them is very high.

Language Need to Study in Dubai

International students do not usually have to take English language tests such as IELTS, PTE, or TOEFL to study at universities and colleges in Dubai. This is one of the advantages of studying in Dubai.

Visa Procedures

The process for applying for a Dubai student visa is very simple as most cases are handled by the institutes. Organizations are eligible to apply for a visa on behalf of students, and the visa process typically takes approximately 20-25 business days.

Visa to Study in Dubai

Naturally, international students will need to obtain a student visa to study in Dubai. The process for applying for a Dubai student visa is very simple as most cases are handled by the institutes. These institutions are eligible to apply for VISA on behalf of Students and typically the visa process takes only 20-25 business days.

To apply for a visa, students must pay 3,000 AED, and students must have all academic records and provide them as needed. The applicant’s bank documents are also required and they must have at least 30,000 AEDs at the time of application.

More about Life in Dubai

There is a unique taste of life in Dubai or what our students say about this city in the UAE. It is truly a society that proudly claims to be diverse and cosmopolitan. When it comes to quality of life, according to a recent study, it ranks first in the Middle East and Africa. This is mainly due to the adoption of modern features and living by the UAE.

Dubai has also opened its doors to the best foreign universities and colleges and multinational companies that have helped develop the city as a hotbed of culture and diversity.

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