What types of affiliate marketing are popular in India

In 2010, it was estimated that in India alone, Internet rates exceeded 100 billion dollars, of which about 5 billion dollars were transferred to offshore operators. The activity of an earning on the bookmaker’s affiliate program in the field of online gambling opens up significant opportunities. You can get started without any investment; all you need is a computer and an Internet connection.

What is a gambling affiliate? A gambling affiliate is someone who brings players to an online casino for a fee. The amount of the commission depends on the online casino’s reward structure. For example, some operators pay for each registration (from $75 to $300).

Other portals charge a commission depending on the number of funds spent by the player in their casino (from 25% to 60%). Due to such a high remuneration level, a gambling affiliate’s activity is a very profitable business.

What are affiliate programs?

Two partners can profit from cooperation if one offers a product or service, and the other helps him find a buyer. Both parties receive the benefit – earnings from affiliate programs. With the participation of the partner, the seller acquires additional customers, and the intermediary receives a reward for his service of finding consumers. Types of offline partner programs assume cooperation between a manufacturer and a dealer who sells products to a buyer:

  • Yes, car dealers sell cars of manufacturing companies and receive a fee for their services.
  • Travel agencies, acting as partners, are engaged in the sale of a tourist product developed by a tour operator for a commission.
  • The tour operator deals with booking hotels, air tickets, and arranging transfers, but the product is offered to the consumer by a travel agent.

Ways of earning money in gaming clubs

The question is very relevant and worries many, even not avoid, players. An affiliate program, or partner, is the attraction of new players to the resource, using their traffic for this, and becoming, so to speak, an advertising agent. For attracting a new player, the resource calculates interest from their investments. There are several types of affiliate programs.

  • CPA network. There are resources with a significant number of partner offers from various game platforms. After registering on the website, you can choose a customer and start working. This option is best for beginners as it provides manager assistance. But a certain percentage must be deducted for the website service.
  • Directly. This option is suitable for confident users. It provides for work without intermediaries.

Choosing the type of affiliate program depends only on personal preferences.

How to win with strategy

Strategies allow you to earn money in the casino, but for each game you need to select a certain strategy that will be as effective as possible.

  • Martingale. The most famous strategy that works in roulette, online slots. It involves doubling the bet in case of loss and returning to the initial amount in case of winning.
  • Anti-Martingale. Here everything is exactly the opposite, but with the same degree of risk that is characteristic of the Martingale.
  • Poker strategies. They are very difficult to calculate, only persistent and clever gamblers can overcome them.

It must be remembered that no matter how attractive the strategy is, in gambling, everything also depends on luck.

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