Indian Online/Asian Online Grocery Store in Germany

Md-Store is a platform for shopping Indian grocery online in Germany, where you can find all the necessities used in daily Kitchen. Md-Store offers you an opportunity to buy all the grocery online at a very economical price as compare to the other markets. Moreover, through fast delivery methods, Md-Store promises to deliver you all the products in an efficient way without compromising the quality.

Md-Store does not only offer its services to retail clients but also expands its services by putting its shoe in wholesale markets, predominantly Indian, Pakistani, Asian and African grocery stores, as well as all kinds of Hotels and Restaurants, where the goods are supplied according to the German quality standards.

Md-Store provides you all the top brands from around the globe, which are either packaging or producing the Indian, African, Asian, or Pakistani goods. The most prominent offered brands include Shan, National, Bigi-Mama, Shezan, Aashirvaad aata, Ashoka, Tilda, Heer, Afroase, TRS, MDS, Royal Orient, Maggi Noodles, MDH, Lipton and Brooke Bond.

Spices and Pickle:

Md-Store offers a wide range of Spices. Our customers order most often the products like Biryani Masala, Karahi Masala, Tikka Masala, Deggi Mirch, Curry Masala and many other Indian spices. As the Indian spices are famous around the world since 8th Century BC when the Babylonians first started its cultivation.  

Pastes and Pickles are available from the famous Indian brands, Patak and MDS collection. The list also includes Biryani Paste, Tikka Paste, Samosa Chutney, and Mixed Pickles. MDS Collection also offers Mango chutney with different variations e.g. Mango Chutney Mild and Hot Mango Chutney, which is very famous and in high demand in the whole Germany.

Atta and Rice:

Md-Store offers Chapati Atta from different brands and in different packaging e.g. 5kg to 10kg. Aashirvaad chapati atta is also available on our online shop, which is in a considerable high demand due to its original taste of wheat. Aashirvaad chapatti atta is ranked in the top 10 selling products of our online grocery store. Md-Store has a vast range of Basmati rice to offer to their retail customers and corporate partners. Heer, Tilda, King’s and Akash basmati rice are now available at our online grocery shop. Especially, King’s Basmati rice, a rice brand by Md-Store is available at a very reasonable price, the packaging includes 5kg, 10kg and 20kg.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables:

On a very high demand of its valuable customers, the Md-Store offers a wide range of fresh and organic fruits and vegetables, which Includes Fresh Okra, Green Chilli, Fresh Arbi, Coriander, Peanuts, small red onions and a lot more. In order to provide the valuable customers with fresh & healthy fruits and vegetables, the quality control team of Md-Store keeps a high check on quality before shipping them to customers. 

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