Download And Use Samsung Smart Switch Software Correctly!

Did you ever hear about Samsung smart switch software? When you brought a new Samsung Galaxy mobile device you find the method how to transfer the data/file from the older devices to the new Samsung Android system device. But definitely, you will search for the Bluetooth option in your old device.  It is okay. However, you will get stuck while sharing the older device content by Bluetooth sharing because you will get time to process. Sometimes it takes long hours or weeks or months. So keep the worries aside and join with new technology. For all these solutions Samsung Smart Switch Software is the best data migrating tool for all the Samsung Galaxy Smart mobile users.

Brief about Samsung Smart Switch Software

Samsung Smart Switch Software is an excellent data migrating tool that is designed only for transferring the data from the older device to Samsung Galaxy devices. If your older device is Android or iOS or blackberry you can follow up with the Samsung Switch data transferring tool. Like the same, you will use the Windows operating system computer or laptop Samsung Switch for pc is the best. Especially you can transfer kind of contents such as messages, music, photos, calendar, wallpapers, lock screen, home screen, documents, alarm, S notes, email and lots of you can get from your old device to new Galaxy device.

So if you need your valuable content you can try the Samsung Smart Switch Software.

Features of the Samsung Smart Switch Software tool

  • Samsung Switch data transfer tool is very easy to use.
  • It is made with a user-friendly interface. So if you are professional or non-professional you can use it without any knowledge or any help from others. You can carry it on your way
  • Samsung Smart Switch Software is free to all Samsung Galaxy users
  • You can transfer the data from both Android Operating System devices and iOS devices. If you take your data from iOS devices to Samsung smart devices you do not want to download it to iOS devices because there is an iCloud or OTG to send data. But when you come up with the Android system device you want to download the software on both devices
  • Smart Switch desktop is designed for using the pc platform. So you can use it for both windows pc and Mac pc
  • The software has updated the bugs with the fix latest versions. So you can use all the versions for your device
  • If you are using windows os 64-bit pc you can use the Smart Switch 64 bit software

The main three simple ways to transfer the Samsung Smart Switch software

There are three simple ways to transfer data /content from the older device to the new Samsung Galaxy device. They are,

  • Transferring via the PC 
  • Transfer through the WIFI
  • Transfer contents via the USB cable USB OTG connector

Now you have the freedom to transfer your contents such as calendar, alarm, messages, lock screen, wallpaper, and more by using any method that makes you easy.

How do I download Samsung Smart Switch to my PC?

  • Keep a full backup of your data before migrating
  • Arrange  the requirements before downloading the software
  • First, you type the official website link on the search bar of your PC and get the Samsung Switch for PC
  • Get it on to the option “Windows” and download
  • Then the installation interface appears on your PC’s screen
  • Run the installation
  • Agree with the agreements by putting a tick in the space provided
  • Wait for a little moment until the installation is complete. After the completion, you will get a message as a Finish and confirm it 
  • Now you touch upon the app on  the notification panel of your PC
  • Connect your Samsung Galaxy device with your PC
  • On Smart Switch App click on “more” and select preferences
  • Then you can see what items you can back up. Backup items are depending on you, If you select all, the ticks will be selected for all items and click ok. Otherwise, click cancel
  • Click backup
  • Once the backup process is completed there is a message,” backup has been completed successfully”

How do I download Samsung Smart Switch Software Via the WIFI?

If you want to send your data from an Android old device you have to download the software in both. Now you can transfer the data through WIFI.

  • Download and install the Smart Switch software on both devices
  • Now open the Smart Switch software on both devices
  • Next, select the WIRELESS option on both devices
  • Click on the “send” in the old device and “receive” in the new Samsung Galaxy device 
  • There you will see that both devices connecting
  • After that, you select what you want to get from the old device and click on the “Send” option on the Android old device
  • Press the “receive” button in the new Samsung Galaxy device to get the contents from the older device
  • Finally, click on the “close app” after transferring

How do use the Samsung Smart Switch Software with iCloud or USB OTG

Here you are ready to transfer your data/file from the iOS device then you do not want to download the app in both. You can only download it Samsung Galaxy device. Let’s see how you can use it below.

iCloud method:

  • You want to connect your device with the USB OTG connector
  • Now open the downloaded data migrating Smart Switch software in your Galaxy device
  • Click on the wireless option
  • Next click on the receive button on the Samsung Galaxy device
  • Select the iOS and type the APPLE ID and password of the iCloud
  • Sign in and connect with the iCloud account
  • Now you select the transfer content and click on the import option

USB OTG method:

  • Connect the USB cable with the new Galaxy Samsung device
  • Connect your old iOS device new Galaxy device by using the Apple USB cable
  • Open the software on a Samsung Galaxy device and click on USB cable transfer
  • Click on the receive button
  • Press the allow on your iOS device
  • Now select the content that you want to transfer and click on the transfer button
  • Click on the close app and wind it

Now the time is yours for selecting the Samsung Switch software. You have three options to transfer the data from an old device to the newest Samsung Galaxy device. So you do not worry and use this trustful data transferring tool.

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