Why is a Coworking space preferable to normal office space?

Coworking spaces are extremely essential these days because young people are highly educated and creative, and with modern technology, they want to investigate the various options they have. However, they could be severely lacking in cash, and that’s the reason they want to become an entrepreneur could be exhausted. It is possible that they will need to wait for a longer time until they’ve accumulated enough funds to rent or purchase their own office bought.

The benefits of coworking spaces

1. Sessions of mentoring

Although this service isn’t available at every coworking space however, some that offer similar facilities allow you to avail coaching sessions with industry experts that are scheduled often. Additionally, there are regular education and training events that are held in coworking spaces, which further increase understanding of pitching, securing funds and securing funding. What do we think we’ll not forget about cafes and restaurants within close proximity?

2. Flexible leasing options

You don’t have to be on a 5-year contract. To meet the various needs that companies and startups typically have coworking spaces offer many leasing options. You pay on a monthly or daily basis, or maybe even at an hourly or daily basis! Furthermore, you can change your mind when you don’t like it or you are bored.

3. Networking Opportunities

If you’re in with other like-minded people trying to shake up the standard system, the possibility of creating a powerful network is multiplied.

In these coworking spaces, there are individuals with similar attitudes and interests, which will allow interaction between users that can benefit the company. You may also meet other people working on similar projects as they are and could gain some new knowledge. You may also find potential partner and investors in these areas to help build the business.

Connecting with others can bring not just knowledge , but it will also provide doors to new avenues for success. This is the reason it’s that networks are your wealth. You can reap the benefits of having a network that is well-connected, move to coworking spaces.

4. Inspirational and Creativity-Inspiring Source

Homo Sapiens tends to be affected by their peers, whether in the wrong or the right reason. Coworking spaces are the source of this latter. In an office in which everyone is working on non-standard solutions and solutions, they are likely to be affected positively, however. The other’s ideas and creativity should spark the creativity that lies dormant inside oneself. While it’s impossible to say for certain however, there’s a decent possibility.

5. Amenities

Billiard tables, foosball tables and gaming consoles make up a small portion of the benefits that come with renting the communal space. Lounges, chill-out zones are a few of the attractions that draw startups to move their headquarters to this type of arrangement. If you had to create an area for relaxation on your own and you were to discover that you’re getting free perks will hit your ego into high gear!

6. Flexible working hours

Many people don’t like working in an office since they are required to work at a specific time. Additionally, they want to work at their own pace. People are most productive in different periods during the day. Coworking spaces offer you the flexibility to pick your the time you work. It is possible to work from home and establish timetables at their own pace and preferences. This can make working more enjoyable and increases productivity through the advantages of coworking space.

7. It saves money

For small-scale startups that have a smaller team, coworking spaces are much less expensive than an office space. You can spend less than half the cost required to rent a complete office. The greatest benefit is that the it is already furnished with all the amenities, so there is no need to worry of acquiring furniture and other items needed to creating offices. This can save you a lot of money and can be the most significant advantage of coworking spaces.

If you’ve decided that you want to join coworking, we’ve created a comprehensive list of well-known coworking spaces in India.

Negatives of Coworking Spaces

1. Branding and Expansion

Once the company is established, it cannot continue to operate with coworking spaces that function as offices. An official headquarter space is required for this situation and cannot in any way coworking spaces meet the requirements. In reality the greater the corporate branding value, the more significant the official foundation.

2. Expensive per square foot

An article from 2015 in the Bloomberg report made the fact that, per tenant, coworking places are more expensive than leasing a deskthrough another method. For a small company, other efficient options must be identified. It is important to note the fact that coworking facilities are slowly dropping the price. Coworking space in Lowe Parel Mumbai are best to choose.

3. “Close” Competition

Rivalries under the same roof which creates a feeling of fierce rivalry. Since there are multiple ventures within the same coworking environment There is a chance that rivals previously not knowing about each othercould be entangled in not friendly rivalries. This can further create an unintended chain of situations that will result in only negative outcomes.

No matter where one is there are plenty of workspaces where one can work with the lowest cost. There are many options to be chosen based on your preferences and level of confidence. In describing the advantages and disadvantages of a coworking environment it is evident that this method of working is a double-edged weapon. Join the bandwagon while keeping in mind the potential consequences which may not always be positive every time.

4. Renovation restriction

The atmosphere may appear soothing initially, but eventually the eyes will want to look elsewhere. The scope of the renovations that are permitted for those who work in such zones is restricted. It is well-known that the atmosphere of an area is crucial in maintaining a comfortable environment and positive mood. Then you’ll know that it’s time to alter the setting and move to a different one.

5. Privacy

Do I really need to explain this? Being in a space that is awash with noise will cause productivity to decrease. A private room isn’t much use unless it has walls that block out sound. The sensitive information of the company is also likely to be compromised in this environment that is why the integrity and confidentiality of information are in danger of being breached. Beyond privacy, Coworking spaces are often noisy and distracting.


Coworking spaces are a great blessing for you if you manage your finances wisely and effectively. It all depends on your preferences & requirements. The best solution is to set up an office in a coworking space for those with a smaller group.

Coworking spaces opens up a variety of doors. It can assist you in saving money, make use of resources offered by coworking spaces, and also help you connect and network with professionals working in the same industry as you. As compared to owning your private office, a coworking is the more efficient and more efficient choice. Before making a final decision, look over the advantages of coworking spaces and their disadvantages, research and assess your requirements and then decide according to your needs.

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