Why do many players like to play Eurojackpot

Millions of potential Eurojackpot winners live in the UK and all the other European countries. But is it really worth participating in this lottery? Why do players like to take part in it? We share with you five reasons behind it.

Is Eurojackpot worth it?

Many players find the Eurojackpot worth it. We listed 5 possible reasons behind the popularity of this game:

Reason 1: The Eurojackpot is one of the most interesting lotteries in Europe

What does that mean for the Eurojackpot players? First, huge sums quickly come together at Eurojackpot since the stakes from all 18 participating countries are added together. This leads us to the second reason.

Reason 2: Up to 120 million in the jackpot

Since March 2022, the jackpot has reached 120 million euros – an insane amount that many would probably like to have in their own accounts.

Reason 3: Good chances of winning in other prize categories

With the Eurojackpot, you can win in twelve prize categories. You have a chance of winning around 1 in 140 million – about the same as in the regular lottery.

If the 120 million jackpot is not won, the additional amount goes into prize class 2. Every additional euro above the jackpot limit of 120 million euros automatically flows into prize class 2 and increases the winnings quota.

By the way, to find out who won the jackpot, players can check the official Eurojackpot results online.

Reason 4: 10 million guaranteed winnings

At least 10 million euros are won in the first prize category – this is guaranteed by the lottery organizers.

Reason 5: Two draws a week

In addition to the regular Friday draw, Eurojackpot offers a second draw. That increases the chances of winning.

Now that we know more about the reasons behind its popularity, let’s learn how the Eurojackpot is played.

Eurojackpot, how to play?

The Eurojackpot system is simple. The players choose five numbers between 1 and 50 and two “Euro numbers” between 1 and 12. There are twelve prize categories. So, you can win a certain prize even if you get two numbers and one “euro number” right. But only those who have all seven numbers right can hit the jackpot.

Some players use syndicates to take part in the Eurojackpot lottery. Next, we will discuss a few aspects of lottery syndicates.

Set up a lottery syndicate: with whom?

Playing with friends, could there be anything more interesting? You can set up a private syndicate consisting of your friends or co-workers. Another possibility is to turn to commercial providers who will take over the group’s organization. How does it work? Several participants are brought together to fill out a larger number of lottery tickets.

Syndicate contract: Is a written contract necessary?

As is well known, friendship ends with money. This is exactly why consumer advice centers advise you to always secure yourself contractually in syndicates. The contract does not have to be extremely long, but it should at least contain the following points:

  • The foundation date of the syndicate
  • The names of the other players, including the person (game master) who is responsible for placing bets and collecting digital prizes
  • The total stake amounts
  • Information about which lottery is being played and the number of tickets
  • Write down what share of the winnings everyone is entitled to if the stakes differ
  • Note the numbers played and the duration of the bets
  • Explain what happens if the stake is repeatedly paid late or not paid at all.

In addition, the exact modalities of the prize’s payment in the case of special draws should be recorded in writing. Some lottery companies in individual federal states offer sample contracts on their websites. Find out more about it; it’s worth knowing.

Advantages of being part of a lottery syndicate 

  1. A syndicate increases your odds of winning – When you join a lottery syndicate, your odds of winning significantly increase.
  2. A syndicate helps keep your lottery costs low – By being part of a lottery syndicate, you will never pay for the bets yourself. The value of all bets is divided between the various syndicate members, and you only pay your share. For example, if you belong to a syndicate of 10 players and each pay €1 per draw, that’s €10 per draw, the equivalent of four EuroMillions bets for less than half the price of one!
  3. A syndicate brings more action – Participating in the lottery through a syndicate created by family members, friends, or colleagues is much more interesting. It offers good ways for you to play your favorite lottery games together.


As the jackpot grows, so does the number of players. This reduces the chances of winning alone a little. However, sharing a 120 million euros Jackpot might not be that bad.

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