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Which is better; Buying a New Laptop or Hiring Laptop Repair Services?

No matter how reliable a device is, it can sometimes cause problems. So, when errors hit your laptop, you get confused about whether you should replace the laptop or fix the issues through any laptop repair center in Singapore.

There are many elements to consider while deciding whether you should hire a laptop repair service or replace your laptop. However, it all depends upon the overall condition of your laptop and the cost of the repair. If the repair expenses are over half of the new laptop, buying a new laptop would be a more considerable solution.

Additionally, you need to consult a laptop repair technician before choosing a replacement over fixing your laptop. A laptop repair professional can help you diagnose the issues in your laptop and their severity and give you a potential repair quote.

Esmond Laptop Repair and Service Center’s laptop repair professionals are highly skilled and professional. They can diagnose the issues in laptops no matter their brand with proficiency, and it will help you make a more wise decision whether you should hire laptop repair services or replace your computer.

Here is a list of some elements to think about before you make any decision about either fixing your laptop or replacing it.  

Hard Drive Issues

If you have errors with your laptop’s hard drive, then just replacing the hard drive would be the best decision rather than replacing your laptop. Be careful while replacing hard drives since the cost of a new hard drive may vary according to the type you are looking for. For example, solid-state drives found in Gaming Laptops or Desktops come with a heftier price tag than the standard hard drives because of more storage capabilities. You should expect at least $100 for the replacement and installation of the hard drive.

If you have many other issues with your laptop than hard drive failure, the cost of repair may surpass the cost of buying a new laptop. So, in this case, you should consider replacing your computer with a new one. 

Screen Damage

You accidentally dropped your laptop one day, resulting in a broken screen. Sometimes, a broken screen comes with only a few scratches but is still annoying. Otherwise, it might be a web of shattered glasses that make it difficult for you to use your laptop. But the question is can you repair a broken laptop screen?

Well, yes, you can get your broken laptop screen repaired. Mostly, broken laptop screens are replaceable, and you do not have to replace your laptop with a new one. But sometimes, specialized screen repair can cost up to $300 or more. So if the replacement price prevails over the cost of buying a new laptop, it might be the sign to purchase a new laptop. 

Keyboard Errors

A non-functional keyboard is as annoying as a broken or damaged screen. You feel anxious when you know that your laptop keyboard is not working and you won’t type the necessary e-mails anymore. Fortunately, keyboards are relatively easy to fix if they do not have any structural damage. 

Usually, keyboards stop working because of dirt since built-up dirt is the biggest reason for keyboard failure. Such an issue can be solved by thorough cleaning of your laptop keyboard. However, sometimes keyboard failure can also be caused by many software and hardware issues in your laptop. To diagnose the problem in your computer, you need to consult a laptop repair technician to figure out what is the exact issue. Esmond Laptop Repair and Service Centre, Singapore, is the most reliable laptop repair centre. You can hire their services to figure out a problem with the keyboard. 

However, if keyboard failure is due to the old laptop and you have been using the same keyboard for years, then it might be time to replace the whole keyboard. Typically, desktops keyboards can be replaced without spending much, but replacing a built-in keyboard might charge a little extra. So, be careful when deciding on a keyboard replacement only or the whole laptop.

Battery Replacement

Sometimes, your laptop’s battery starts causing problems for one reason or another, like it is not charging, draining too rapidly yet the charging is sluggish, the battery works as long as the charger is connected, or the battery starts swelling. You almost probably run towards the charger when your laptop battery is running low. The battery health starts declining as the laptop ages. 

Sometimes, the problem becomes so severe that your laptop dies as long as you plug out the charger. If the same is the case with you, then your laptop’s battery might need replacement. But if the battery health is declining because of other software issues then you need to consult a technician.

A laptop can get costly if you think to replace it when encountering problems. Many problems that your laptop might be facing can be minor, and you can quickly fix them by the laptop service centers. Thanks to trouble-shooting options, some issues can even be solved by only making some changes in your laptop setting.

You can resolve many laptop problems by replacing individual components. But in some cases, the repair expenses may surpass the cost of new. For severe issues like software or hardware issues, consulting professionals is best. If you need consultation or laptop repair services, connect with Esmond Laptop Repair and Service centre, Singapore.

Esmond Laptop Repair and Service Centre, Singapore, has more than ten years of experience in dealing with laptop issues of any kind, no matter the brand of the laptop, be it Apple, Microsoft, Dell, Hp, and the list goes on. Here in Esmond, highly skilled and trained technicians with particular expertise in laptop repair are available that will handle the responsibility of your laptop with great care. Further, you will get up to 90 days warranty on all repairs. Both parts and labor warranty is provided.

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