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Where can you find the best house for rent in Islamabad?

Buying a house for rent is a good thing in a city like Islamabad, but you should not rush to choose an area. Read on for relevant information. Click here to see luxury apartments in Lahore for rent.

The social economy in Islamabad is such that today it is common to live in a rented house. Many salaried people in this city have to live here because of the nearby workplaces, and they usually cannot afford to buy real estate themselves.

Buying a house for rent is a good thing in a city like Islamabad, but you should not rush to choose an area. It is necessary to buy a house that is safe and has an attractive appearance.

Of all the beautiful areas of Islamabad, some are ideal for living, especially when it comes to renting a house:

Bahria City Islamabad

Bahria Town Islamabad is a prominent location and is one of the most sought-after places in Islamabad. With a safe and peaceful environment, this is a closed society of the upper class. It is a well-planned luxury city with paved roads and large houses. For a quiet life away from the hustle and bustle of city life, a city is an excellent place. A 5 marla luxury house for rent will cost you 25K – 75K per month while 10 Marla will cost you 35K – 1.5Lac. In addition, 1 Kanal house for rent costs 60K – 2.5 Lac per month.

DHA Islamabad

Let’s take a look at DHA, Islamabad. Another best place in Islamabad is DHA, Islamabad where the cost of renting a house is relatively low. In general, the usual rental cost anywhere in a common society for 10 Marla is the average 23K – 25K. However, the estimated rental cost of a house for sale in DHA Islamabad is around 60K.

There is a reason behind the low rents in DHA Islamabad, and this is the accessibility and distance. However, it helps to live a peaceful life in this quiet area away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The average rental yield at DHA in Islamabad is 3.2%.

I-8 Islamabad

This I-8 sector is considered more affordable by the less affluent or middle class than the other areas such as F, G, etc. The sector provides an excellent residential base, but the houses here are mostly old which is not a big problem as they are clean and safe. Moreover, the proximity of parks and greenery compensates for this disadvantage of old houses.

In addition, residential area I-8 in Islamabad is very close to the commercial area, making it easier for residents to access food chains, medical stores, clinics, bakeries, supermarkets, and restaurants.

It is also directly connected to the Srinagar Highway (formerly known as the Kashmir Highway), making it easily accessible from other parts of the city. For those looking for a ten marla house for rent in I-8, the rental cost is approximately 1 Lac – 2 Lac, and for 1 Kanal it is approximately 1.3 – 2.5 Lac.

G-13 Islamabad

G-13 is another area supported by different people for the amenities and jobs on offer. In the case of such zoning, E-11 and I-8 approvals are preferred from the perspective of monetary experts.

Although it is not a very large sector, it contains all the first-class facilities for luxury living. Moreover, the infrastructure is also extraordinarily built to international standards. The average monthly rent in G-13 for 5 Marla homes is 40K – 60K. The monthly rental cost for 10 Marla House is 60k to 1.5 lac, and for 1 Kanal house, it is about 1.5 lac – 2 lac.

While all of the above communities have their pros and cons from a resident’s point of view, the choice will depend on your wallet or budget.

E-11 Islamabad

E-11 is connected to the Ahmad Faraz roads and the central Margalla hills. The place is also near famous educational institutions like Root Millennium School and the International School of Islamic Studies. Like other societies, this one also has a clean and peaceful environment enclosed by a square border.

The rental cost for the 5 Marla house for rent is about 75K – 1.1 Lac, for the 10 Marla house it is about 85k – 2 lac, and for the 1 Kanal house for rent, the cost is about 1 3.5 Lac. So it is a good decision to rent a house in E-11 Islamabad.

I hope this article helped you a lot in identifying the rental market in Islamabad. Now you need to make the perfect choice for yourself and your family.

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