What Rings Would You Pair With Moissanite Earrings?

Moissanite earrings are an excellent choice if you’re looking to buy a pair of beautiful, authentic diamond earrings without the high price tag that usually comes with them. Because of their incredible brightness and sparkle, they have become one of the most popular choices among brides and other women who want to look their best on special occasions. However, there are many different types of rings that you can wear with them and in this article, we will take a look at some of the best options so that you can be sure to pick out the perfect combination!

Silver, White Gold, And Rose Gold

These are classic go-to metals for any style. While rose gold is all about that pink-gold trend, silver, white gold, and even platinum will all make a great match. Moissanite’s sparkle is similar to that of platinum! Have questions about these styles or need some advice on what type of ring might work best for your moissanite earrings? Check out our guide to choosing wedding bands to learn more. It’s chock full of information to help you pick out just the right fit for your needs. And remember, if you have any specific questions about which jewellery will look best with your new set of moissanite earrings or anything else feel free to ask us in our comments section below! We’re always happy to help.

Vintage, Sweetheart, Midi, Modern

No matter what kind of shape your engagement ring is, pairing it with a complementary wedding band is an easy way to jazz up your ensemble. And since Moissanite is so similar to diamonds, you can find bands that complement an oversized center stone or add an edgy touch to a more traditional solitaire. For example, try rocking a midi band in gold when paired with an elegant, vintage-inspired engagement ring. Or opt for an antique moissanite wedding band that adds some interest to modern square-shaped stones!

Crossover Ring

– Due to its flexible sizing and simple styling, the Crossover ring is perfect for a moissanite wedding band or a pair of moissanite earrings. The smooth lines and rounded edges make it comfortable for everyday wear, so whether you’re choosing jewelry for yourself or as a gift for someone else, Crossover will be an excellent choice. The design can also be found in moissanite engagement rings if you want something larger. Also called Edge-to-edge, as its name suggests, these stones have maximum surface exposure at each side of your finger while still being wide enough to provide a secure feel on your hand without feeling heavy.

Wedding Band Ring

In terms of wedding band rings, many of our customers choose a variety of moissanite bands that complement their moissanite engagement rings. However, we have also had many customers who have purchased additional moissanite rings for other occasions (or gifts!). The most popular include: moissanite earrings, a moissanite bracelet and/or even additional matching bands to wear at different times and different places. Or simply as a backup when your first is in for repair. The choice is yours!

Statement Ring

For example, wearing a statement ring or bracelet is a great way to get something big that’s also very affordable. Diamond rings can cost tens of thousands of dollars; one small statement ring can cost a few hundred dollars and pack just as much style punch. If you want to wear two statement pieces, put one on each hand; it’s often more fun than wearing a matching set. Statement pieces will draw attention away from your other jewelry and help make sure it doesn’t get lost in all of your accessories (again, those big moissanite wedding bands are good for that!). You can take it even further by adding all three items to an outfit—try any or all at once!

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