Top 7 types of hotels in Lahore to book in 2022

From luxury all-inclusive hotels to simple morning coffee restaurants, you can find different types of hotels in Lahore. Some types of hotels are very similar while having distinctive features.

Finding the right type of hotel in Lahore can be overwhelming, even after a lot of research. Not sure what to book for your next visit to Lahore? Do not worry; mentioned in this blog is one of the most famous hotel options to book.

7 most popular types of hotels in Lahore to book in 2022

The following hotels are classified based on various factors such as:




Number of facilities

Level and availability of services

Let’s dive in.

1: Boutique Hotels

Boutique hotels are smaller than the average five- to the seven-star hotel and typically accommodate up to 100 guests. The central concept of a boutique hotel is to provide the visitors with luxury and extra amenities by attracting them with chic decor and special offers. The best hotels in Lahore are located in exciting places with nearby hospitals, shopping centers, and eateries. Boutique hotels operate independently and cater to elite guests and customers with high-end lifestyles.

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2: Hotel chains

This is the most common type of hotel you can find in Lahore. Hotel chains are more excellent in number and usually come under a single owner or chairman. Hotel chains are based on many rooms and aim to accommodate a larger number of guests.

3. Motels

Motels originated a decade ago and are initially known for travelers who mainly take the freeways or highways. The Motels are very limited in offering additional services and amenities. Usually, you only get a room with basic amenities like a bed and an attached bath, and they may offer a single meal with no options.

4. Resorts

A resort is an upscale version of accommodation that is usually located in exceptional destinations. People often book reports for special occasions such as destination weddings or private events.

Resistance offers extensive amenities comparable to those of boutique hotels. The major difference between a resort and a boutique hotel is that a boutique hotel has limited space and a small number of rooms. A resort, on the other hand, is based on a vast area of ​​outdoor spaces, outdoor pools, outbuildings, and more.

5. All suites

As the name suggests, an all-suite hotel means that all rooms are designated suites. However, the name all-suites makes it easy to identify the specific all-suite hotel.

A typical all-suite property offers the following amenities:

 Guest rooms


Separate living areas

Cooking accessories

All-suite hotels are usually listed under their company’s brand names.

6. Conference Center Hotels

Conference center hotels are an extended version of hotels that combine a hotel and a meeting room for business guests. These spaces are no ordinary meeting facilities; conference hotels can serve many guests and offer different setups and arrangements for meetings, entertainment, business dinners, buffets, and much more.

In addition to meeting facilities, typical business hotels offer the following amenities:

Overnight rooms

Catering industry

Locations and Themes

Personalization and on-demand customizations

Large spaces to hold events

Company halls and meeting rooms

Ideal location near business places

7. Hotels for longer stays

Most luxury hotels, all suites, and business hotels are designed to accommodate shorter-term travelers. So if you want to stay longer like maximum; For weeks and months, extended stay hotels are your ultimate solution.

Long-stay hotels in Lahore are popular with national and international business travelers.

The best part: extended-stay hotels also offer private kitchens for cooking. You may also book studio rooms based on the evenings and days of the week and alter your budget accordingly.

Next one,

What do stars describe a hotel?

Stars are the rating system of the quality of service a hotel provides. When we talk about quality, there are many things to consider; amenities, rooms, special offers, and free guest services.

What’s the best 5-star luxury hotel in Lahore?

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