I have a brand new tutorial for eye makeup tutorial to share with you that includes some of the best tips to create an effortless smokey eye. This tutorial is a collaboration with Boots which are running an initiative called “Eyes on the Prize” and is encouraging people to try striking new eye makeup looks for the season of parties. With the winter holidays almost upon us , it’s time to refresh our skills in makeup for parties I’m sure my skills are a bit rusty due to not attending every party over the past two years and discover those eyes makeup styles that are suitable for our needs and look flawless each time.

The tutorials on smokey eye make-up are some of the most sought-after beauty items on the internet, and with good reason. The potential of a smokey look to fail horribly lurks in plain sight every step of the process. Overshadowing the lower lashline, and you’ll appear as if you’re Alice Cooper, not enough blends out and your liner will make your eyes look small and tired. If you blend out too quickly, your smokey eyes end up just halfway up your temples, wear too much with the other makeup, and you’ll appear like you’re about to be a part of a show.

It’s a minefield of beauty and I’m ashamed to say that I’ve searched for tutorials for smokey eyes via Youtube more than I’ve ever done for any other thing. (Apart of “big cats in boxes”.) I’m also aware that if my makeup routine happens to go wrong, it’s going to be the smokey eye part.

In the last few years, however I’ve been working to improve my skills with smokey eyes. This has not been about moving “bigger and bolder” with my liner and shadows or playing with bold colors, but more of an evaluation and recalibration. I’ve been analyzing previous pictures and videos of me where I’ve been extremely happy with my smokey-eye makeup, and trying to figure out the reasons behind certain techniques that seem to be the best way to achieve a smoke.

I’ve taken my observations and lessons learned and put them into the creation of a new makeup tutorial The written version is below and the video available on Instagram here. This is a simple smoke-out eye that’s easy to apply, but takes some thought and perseverance, as it’s the build-up of the lines and shadows that makes soft lines as well as the slightly extended shape that elevates the eye’s corners and prevents everything from appearing like a little sad and…jaded.

(Fake the idea until you can make it, don’t you think? Haha.)

(To clarify, I’m definitely not down, but certainly getting jaded in the last year.)

These are the top suggestions for flawless eye makeup. Here are my top tips for foolproof eyes I’ve been following these rules and can say that I’ve had more success using the makeup I use. You can read a complete procedure step-by step on Instagram here.

Tip 1:

Always apply an eyeshadow base color on the lid. I used to skip this step, pondering what the reason it would be necessary to apply a shade which was nearly identical in hue to your lid skin. However, there’s a an answer to this madness.

Eye shadows shade for the eyes creates a distinct surface to skin that’s less oily, more smooth and this implies that the other (darker) shadows placed over it blend better and have an even better appearance. It’s a worthwhile investment.

Here, I’ve used Deep Chicfrom the NARS Voyageur “Suede” palette (at Boots here) This is among my absolute favourite eyeshadow palettes. I’ve found a purpose for each from the 6 shades. some of the shades (namely Soleil and Jumeirah) can be used on their own or applied over the entire lid for a instantly chic appearance. Within about fifteen minutes. Also, it’s extremely small, and therefore smaller than other palettes , and also the shadows are extremely pigmented and durable.

Tip 2:

Make use of a large buffing brush to soften the shadows that are darker It may feel a bit awkward, but it’s a time saver and gives a smooth finish!

Here’s my darker shadow shade I’ve used the most intense shade available in the palette, Graffiti –in the shape of a V that runs across the outer edge of the top line then down into the crease. I’ve used Real Techniques’ excellent Deluxe Crease brush (300, here) to blend it out.

It’s the “darker shade” step is the point where it could be a bit off. The placement on the dark shade is dependent on your shape of the eye for the sake of adding extra trouble. I prefer to lengthen my eyes a bit, so I like to draw the shadow upwards, and then outwards towards the back of my eye. An effective trick is following the curvature that your lower eyelashes curve. check out the video on my Instagram video and see the way I construct tiny “wing” or “flick” to open my eyes.

Tip 3:

Apply the same shadows – the darker and the base – below the lower lashline. Build them up the same as you did your lids. I begin by applying the base with my fluffy brush. I then use an small smudge brush ( Real Techniques again!) to create the shadow that is darker.

Blending in this shadow means that eyeliner won’t appear as sharp or hard – I’ve noticed that it actually blurs the lines and is much more appealing than just eyeliner. I used Bare Minerals Mineralist eyeliner (in Graphite and Copper I only utilized both because I could not see without glasses and thought that Graphite was black. Tip use glasses to read the labels!) within my waterline.

Tip 4:

It is helpful for you to maintain your eyes as open as you can when using the mirror to apply your makeup instead of closing the eye that you’re on. When it comes to making shadow, your eye appears entirely different when your lid is opened and that’s what it’s likely to look like for the majority of the time while you’re applying your makeup. I’ve noticed that my makeup turns out better when I attempt to keep my eyes at a level when I’m mixing and changing.

I’m not usually a fan of these big brushes, but this one gives a great volume. I like the fact that it is easily buildable. It’s possible to come back ten or twenty minutes to put the second layer. It’s not dry or hard like many of mascaras, so whenever you’re looking to add the extra boost, it glides on easily!

Tip 5:

Keep your brows simple to give a fresher, more modern look. I don’t would want my brows fighting with my smokey eyes (ding ding at the corner of red!) therefore I usually keep my brows clean and tidy.

In this look , I’ve left out any actual eyebrow product and just sprayed my Benefit eyebrow brush with Elnett hairspray to brush upwards and secure the hairs.

(There are also a lot of incredible eyebrow shapers such as gels eyebrow pencils and so on ) which can do all of the above andadd the volume or color to your eyebrows. One of my favourites makeup products from Benefit is Gimme Brow.)

It’s clear what the remainder of your makeup looks like. It’s very minimal, too. Once you’ve completed the construction and blending of the eyelids (maximum of 10 minutes, including mascara, despite the fact that it appears to require more time) the skin can take a few minutes and the lips require an easy graze and pat of a my-lips, but better shade of lipstick.

I used Dior’s Forever Skin Glow shade 2N, followed with Fenty bronzer Private Island and the Benefit Galiforniablush.

The lips I lined using the shade that was very similar to my natural shade (this is an NYX pencil with the shade nude pink) after which I smudged my lips lightly using the other side of the Bare Minerals lipstick in Grace. There is no opaque lipstick here Just rub and graze to create the “my lips but better” kind of look.

Then, you’re completed. I think the eyes, in the entire blends and building up, will take about ten minutes, and the rest will take five. There are faster methods to smokey eyes (crayons which you write on, and blend) but I love the depth this particular one is, and being a little more sultry.

Add a very thin, low-cut bodysuit (which can raise all sorts of questions regarding the merits of exposing your body to gusset fastenings as well as an outfit that cuts your body in half from the top down) and huge, smooth hair (I have torn mine and then sprayed it with the mentioned L’Oreal Elnett!) and you’re all set to party.

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