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Top 5 LinkedIn Hacks for Pro-Level Networking

Professionals – particularly salespersons and entrepreneurs – invest tons of time and resources into building their brands. It not only helps them to expand their network but also to seek better career opportunities in their respective fields.

In today’s world, when everything has become immensely tech-driven, the best way to build your brand is to advertise yourself onLinkedIn.  Known for its extraordinary potential to match professionals with compatible job roles, LinkedIn has become the ultimate professional’s jam for all workaholics. Currently, the site has over 740 million users from all around the world, which makes it the largest professional networking platform on the internet. Sounds surprising, right?

Probably, this is the major reason why you should consider giving your LinkedIn profile a full facelift in 2022. For example, you can consider uploading the latest profile picture and work details, consistently updating your status, etc. to boost your reach. Although most of us are pretty much aware of all the basic features of LinkedIn to make new contacts, there’s a wide range of options that are still waiting to be explored – here are our top five picks. Let’s dive in!

  1. Explore LinkedIn Mails

LinkedIn Mails? Sounds a bit weird, right?

Well, LinkedIn offers an exclusive mail feature, which allows employers to instantly send mails to their potential candidates or clients without even connecting with them. This is an ideal feature for lead generation and online recruitment. For example, it allows you to customize your templates and add eye-catchy captions to your mail invitations so that your messages do not get ignored.

Interestingly, LinkedIn mail also offers a wide range of automation tools to send communications in bulk. For example, you can send the same message to multiple users at the same time, without the hassle of opening up their conversation threads again and again. However, you need to remember one thing here: LinkedIn mail is currently available for premium users only. Therefore, if you wish to use this option, then do not forget to subscribe to LinkedIn Premium in advance.

  • Create and Share Job Post

Sharing job posts? Sounds a bit too cliché, right?

Well, according to recruitment experts, hiring your potential candidates isn’t just about hitting the share button; it involves a few hidden steps as well to let your post reach out to the perfect candidates. For example, while creating a job post for your company, you need to include even the slightest details of the job role for the candidates. That’s the only way to give it a perfect boost, and stand out from your competitors.

The most important thing here is to align the job role with your company’s brand values and objectives. For ideal results, you can even consider adding a few relevant questions like expected salary, work experience, and academic qualification – it will help you filter out the most suitable candidates for the position. 

However, please remember that LinkedIn is an online platform. Therefore, it needs stable internet connectivity to work. For your convenience, you can always consider using a high-speed internet connection like Grande Internet to provide you with a smooth, and uninterrupted recruitment experience.

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  • Encourage Referral

Being a professional recruiter, how often do you encourage referrals?

Well, professional referrals are extremely vital for your network growth, especially if you are a part of any startup company. They can benefit you in numerous ways, such as attracting the topmost talent, finding suitable candidates, and obviously, reducing the advertisement costs significantly, etc.

The most ideal way to hire through professional referrals is to post the job on LinkedIn and ask your contacts to mention a relevant friend or acquaintance in the comments section. This will allow you to connect with the resource via an existing contact, which will obviously increase the candidate’s credibility. So, the next time you have a vacant position, consider reaching out to your professional contacts first – you will be amazed by the results.

  • Go Private

Oh, wait! Do you know that LinkedIn has a secret spying feature? Well, at least now you do.

Surprisingly, LinkedIn offers an exclusive Private Mode to the users which allows them to view different profiles anonymously. In simpler words, you can say that the users do not get the notification for their profile views – how cool is that? So, if you want to stalk someone on LinkedIn without revealing your identity, then do not wait any further, and simply turn on the Private Mode on your account.

Here’s how you can do it!

  • Tap on your LinkedIn’s Settings and Privacy option and navigate to the Profile Viewing Option appearing on the list.
    • Now, switch to ‘Private Mode’, and you are all done!

Congratulations! Now your identity will remain anonymous until you turn off the feature on your own.

However, you need to remember that LinkedIn’s private mode cannot be activated offline. Therefore, you need to connect to a fast and stable internet connection like Grande to achieve optimal results.

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  • Regularly Post Content

So, what keeps your LinkedIn account active? Frequent posting, right?

Well, LinkedIn is a free platform (at least for the basic users), therefore it provides you with ample opportunities to post as much as you want at any given time of the day. It is one of the best ways to boost your reach almost instantly.

Ideally, you should consider posting at least two to three times a week for maximum reach. Just in case you find it difficult, then you can also use a third-party scheduler app to be consistent with your posts. For example, there are tons of ways to do it – you can share your valuable insights in the form of motivational videos, images, or even infographics, etc.

Another effective option could be to create LinkedIn polls to engage your targeted audience. It will not only help you to get a tremendous response to your posts, but also grow your professional network more and more.  

In a Nutshell

Undoubtedly, LinkedIn is the most reliable social networking site for professionals all around the world to connect with each other and become clients, business partners, or even rivals, etc.

Although being a professional platform, you cannot expect LinkedIn to have the extreme pizzazz or glam as Facebook or Instagram. You can still rely on it for disseminating corporate information and catering to your everyday B2B audience.

So, what LinkedIn features are you planning to use to expand your network? Please do let us know in the comments below.

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