Tips for Buying a New Car when Young – Complete Guide

Buying a new car while being young represents the entrance to a world full of more comforts when wanting to move from one place to another. However, we should not have too many illusions, our first car will probably not be the one of our dreams, but the one that will allow us to gain experience as inexperienced drivers.

In other words; we must succumb to ideas of greatness and think rationally . After all, we’ll be buying a vehicle, not a collector’s item. Unless you are part of that 1% of privileged people who can get a Ferrari as their first car.

Your car will probably be more modest ! The fact is that there are many factors to take into account when wanting to buy a new car as a young person from Farago Motors. In this post we will share several tips that will be very helpful.

How to buy a new car when you’re young
Choosing a new car is already an emotional decision , therefore, for a young person with their first vehicle, the emotion is palpable. However, we should avoid making a decision influenced by our emotions and set realistic goals from the start. Here are the factors to take into account to make the right choice:

Define your budget
Buying a new car as a young person usually means having a limited budget, perhaps between 2,0000 and 5,0000. This price range is an indicator that the car has run a bit and has undergone (or will have to undergo) some repairs.

But not only this, we tend to forget another detail: the additional costs. The license, insurance, inspections, periodic maintenance and possible repairs. It is also necessary to include expenses for fuel and tolls, technical control, parking… All these expenses must be included in the budget.

Do you want another tip? Whatever your budget, always opt for safety equipment such as ABS , ESP or airbags . If you are one of the lucky ones and your budget is higher, do not hesitate to opt for more comfort. Sunroof, Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, including parking aids or heated seats… Of course, these technologies will inevitably increase the bill.

Set your needs
Your needs encompass a lot of important things . You can start by determining how many kilometers you will travel each day. Evaluate whether your trips will be long, daily or occasional, including how many times a year or month you plan to visit your family who lives far away, for example. The more you plan to travel, the more you will move towards a first diesel car that is comfortable, economical and safe.

It is important to determine what type of roads you will circulate more . If it is on small mountain roads, an ATV could be more useful than a city car, which is certainly more suitable for urban and short trips.

Where are you going to park it? This is one of the first things we should think about when buying a new car as a young person. If you have no choice but to park it on the street, opt for a car that is maneuverable, easy to park, and not too new. On the other hand, if you have a garage in your house, the vehicle will be protected and you can afford to bring a newer model.

What use will you give the car?
If you have in mind to give it a family use, the number of seats and the dimensions of the trunk will have to influence your decision. Now, if, on the contrary, you are going to drive alone, do not forget to include your projects in the near future: Do you want to start a family quickly? On the other hand, if you already live as a couple and have small children, you could think about a 5-door car because it will be more practical.

Diesel or gasoline ?
The general rule also applies when buying a new car as a young person : daily driving + long trips = more profitable diesel. But, it is always better to choose gasoline for a small car.

First of all, make sure to inform yourself about the fuel consumption per 100 km. The price difference between the two fuels and the purchase price is narrowing, but keep in mind that the cost of maintenance and repair of a diesel vehicle is usually higher than that of a car that runs on gasoline.

New or used car?
Unless you are in a privileged financial situation, the vast majority of young people give up buying a high-end car for their first purchase. It is a strong investment that adds to the additional expenses that we discussed earlier.

However, it may be interesting to think about the advantages of long-term rental or with the option to buy . These vehicle financing formulas allow you to include car maintenance in the price and have a budget without surprises, constant and known in advance.

You can then buy your first new car from a dealer who will offer a wide variety of makes and models at attractive prices, or from a dealership if your choice of brand is well established.

With a budget of less than 5,000, buying a first used car is therefore the most viable solution. Beware, the first few years of driving rarely go smoothly. Don’t get your hopes up, but having your first car is an achievement.

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