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The Top 5 Most Innovative Digital Marketing Strategies We’ve Seen Yet

What do you think of when you hear the term digital marketing? If your mind immediately jumps to Facebook ads, then you’re not alone. Many people think of digital marketing as an isolated channel, one that doesn’t have much bearing on their overall marketing strategy. But many of the biggest players in today’s marketing industry realize how connected digital really is to everything else, and they’re using this knowledge to build the most innovative digital marketing strategies we’ve seen yet. Here are five innovative ways they are leveraging digital marketing to their advantage.

Customer Activation

Activating customers is at the core of any good digital marketing strategy, and you’ve likely seen companies like Uber do a great job at it. A typical activation campaign will involve sending your new potential customer a small, tangible thank-you gift in exchange for something—an email address, perhaps—that helps you learn more about them. These campaigns work because they’re personal and they build trust with that brand. If you want to make an impact on your customers with Best Digital Marketing Agency In Surat, make sure yours are as innovative as these!

Data-Driven Optimization

Today, everyone has access to vast amounts of data—your customers and prospects, your sales numbers, your web analytics. Everyone has information at their fingertips that can help them better understand what’s working and what isn’t. But not everyone is taking advantage of it. According to a study by McKinsey & Company , nearly 60 percent of businesses aren’t actively collecting customer data or making use of internal business data to inform their digital marketing efforts. For example, retailers may be able to see where in an online store customers are dropping off during checkout—yet few make changes accordingly.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are clearly changing digital marketing strategies. Companies can now deliver more-personalized ads across all platforms, which is leading to a rise in retention rates (the number of users who make it past their first visit). The combination of AI and machine learning will also likely allow companies to create better user experiences in chatbots and virtual reality. As innovations occur, it’s crucial for businesses to stay current with best practices that are shifting as quickly as these platforms. It’s going to be an exciting year. To learn more about how we’re using artificial intelligence and machine learning at our Best Social Media Marketing Agency In Surat , email us today .

Mobile/Local Search/Social Media Integration

There’s no doubt that digital marketing is changing quickly and has a lot of room to grow. That being said, we’re starting to see more and more companies looking to hire digital marketing agencies who have specific experience in mobile marketing, local search optimization and social media optimization. Not only do these areas have a huge potential upside for growth, but they also require specific skill sets that will lend themselves well to future growth. It makes sense for companies to look toward teams of digital marketing professionals who can give them insight into how all three of these channels will play out in their business’ futures.

Content Performance Measurement

There are a lot of great strategies and tactics out there, but you won’t know if they work until you test them. This can be time-consuming and challenging, but here are some basic guidelines to help you get started: Determine your goals – What do you want to achieve? Do you want to drive more traffic to your website or raise awareness of a certain cause? Are you trying to reach new customers or increase revenue? Knowing what your goal is will help make decisions later on. Think about measurable objectives.

More about digital marketing

The Internet has changed everything about how we market. It’s made it possible to reach people in any part of the world, at any time of day or night. And digital marketing is so effective because it creates a two-way conversation with potential customers. This means that marketers have more control over their outreach and can immediately address customer concerns and find out what they want (and don’t want).


The world of digital marketing is constantly changing and evolving. The best SEO agency in Surat, India will keep you ahead of trends with new strategies on a regular basis. But let’s look at five exciting innovations that are sure to impact future campaigns Author Bio: A Google search for SEO companies can be overwhelming with so many companies claiming to have the best SEO strategy. At Kyros Digital, We have over 15 years of experience in creating innovative digital marketing strategies for businesses large and small. We take pride in our customer service, as well as results-driven solutions which ensure your business grows steadily.

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