Steps to Complete Your Santa Costume

Yes, it’s time to find the perfect Santa costume. No, it’s not too early! You need your costume before Christmas; Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Even if you’re not planning on celebrating this particular holiday, there are plenty of reasons you’d want to dress up as a jolly old elf for Halloween or any other occasion:

Find a hat

Hats are usually the most comfortable way to keep warm in winter. They also offer protection from the cold, and you can use them as part of your Santa costume. Here are a few tips:

  • Try on different hats until you find one that fits well and feels comfortable.
  • Choose a hat with a wide brim, which will help keep your face warm when it’s windy outside or snow falls from above (and trust me, there will be). You can also put fake snow on the edge of the brim, so it looks like Santa has been out in the cold for some time–which he has!
  • Look for hats that have white puff balls attached somewhere near them–this is another element of being true to the “Santa Claus” style!

Find a coat

  • Choose a coat that fits well and is warm enough.
  • Make sure your coat is comfortable to move around in, especially if you will be sitting down or standing for a long time as part of your costume.
  • Choose a coat that will keep you dry if it rains on Halloween night (or whatever day you’re putting together your costume).

Find a beard

While you can buy a Santa beard, it can be just as simple to make your own. You can use fake beards that are made of synthetic materials, real hair, or a combination of both. Beards come in different colours and lengths, and styles. The most common beard is the full white beard with bushy sideburns; however, you may want to try something a little more unique if you are going for an authentic look. As per the experts at Smiffy’s, “Some people will also glue their beards on, while other people wear them with chin straps, so they don’t fall off during their performance.”

Find pants and a belt

You’ll need to find a pair of black or dark brown pants. These can be any style you like, but they should be comfortable and fit well. Stylists recommend a pair without pleats because those tend to get in the way when you’re trying to move around and sit down.

A belt is also essential for this costume, so make sure it’s sturdy enough to hold up your pants! It should match the colour of your pants (or at least look like it does) and should be made out of leather or faux leather if possible.

Find black boots

Finding the right boots is a challenge. You want to ensure they’re comfortable, look good and fit well. You also need them to be durable and waterproof if you plan to go out in the snow.

If you’re not sure which boots are right for you, try on a few pairs at your local department store or shoe store before choosing what works best for your needs!

Choose your accessories

Accessories are the finishing touches of a costume. They can be shoes, scarves, gloves, glasses and hats. Accessories can also be used to make a costume more personal or funny. For example, if you have long hair, you could add a hat or scarf to your costume so that people don’t see all the time you spend getting ready in the morning. If you have glasses, it would be funny if they match your outfit, and it would also look good with whatever colour suit or dress you’re wearing on that day.

Now that you’ve found some ideas for Santa outfits, it’s time to put it together. Hope this guide has helped you feel confident in your choices and ready to rock this holiday season! If it didn’t, don’t worry—you can always call us for assistance with any of these steps.

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