Seidy Lopez biography

Seidy Lopez was born in lovely Merida Yucatan Mexico. At the age of four, she and her family repositioned to the United States for the first time in seek of a more rewarding life. When she rode ten her parents found it essential to return to Yucatan with their three children where they would know how to utterly read-write and; tell the Spanish language. The Lopez family was replaced in the states for two years thereafter with their children thoroughly bilingual.

 Seidy’s understanding as a performer started at age twelve when she build a singing group named “Sensation”. The group defeated several talent competitions in Los Angeles. At the age of 14, she determined to hone in on her vocal skills, and with the asset of her Jr. High teacher, Mr. Gleason, she auditioned for the Los Angeles County High School for the acts Arts at Cal State University. As a component of their vocal choir, Seidy was authorized; to a role in such prestigious outlets as the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. The subsequent year at Hollywood High School of the Performing Arts, Seidy uncovered theater and concentrated her attention on acting.

Seidy Lopez’s early life

The famous actress Seidy López was born in Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico. At the age of four, she and her family transferred, to the United States in quest of a more rewarding life. When she turned ten, her parents; found it crucial to return to Yucatán with their three children to learn how to properly read, write and communicate the Spanish language. The López family was replaced in the States two years later with their children bilingual.

Seidy López Height, Weight

López stands at an intermediate; the height of 5 ft 6 in, her weight has not been charted yet, she has raven hair, and her eyes are black.

Seidy López Siblings, Parents, and Siblings

Seidy was born in Mérida the dynamic capital of Yucatán; she and her family transferred to the United States when she was 4 in quest of; a more rewarding life. When she rode ten, her parents found it required to return to their birthplace with their three children to realize how to accurately read, write and express the Spanish vocabulary, at this time, she was only 10.

They were later replaced in the States two years later with their children fully bilingual. Her mother and; Father’s names have not been noted anywhere in her shape. She has two bloodsheds.

Seidy Lopez bio


                 Seidy Lopez




                 Merida, Yucatan, Mexico


                 Los Angeles, United States



  Height (approximately):

                 1.64 meters

  Weight (approx.):

                55 kg or 121 lbs

  Dress size:


  Eye color:

                 Dark brown

  Hair color:






  Relationship Status:



                 Kru Pete Panos





  Favorite Actor:

                 Alfonso Ribeiro

  Favorite Actress:

                 Bette Davis

  Favorite Food:

                 Carne Asada Tacos

  Alcoholic Beverage:


  Favorite Color:


  Favorite Movie:

                 Gone with the Wind, the Strangers

  Favorite T.V Series:

                 Beverly Hills

  Net Worth:

                 $6 million (approx.)


  1. Bloody Maria (TV Series)
  2. 2020-2021 The Series (TV Series)
  3. 2020-Slipping Into Darkness (Short)
  4. 2017-Kings
  5. 2016-Shameless (TV Series)
  6. 2015-Last Chance (Short)
  7. 2015-Soaked in Bleach (Documentary)
  8. 2014-The Bridge (TV Series)
  9. 2012-NY (TV Series)
  10. 2011-Butterfly (Short)
  11. 2010-House (TV Series)
  12. 2009-Los Angeles (TV Series)
  13. 2006-Crime Scene Investigation (TV Series)
  14. 2005-How Much Do You Love Me?
  15. 2004-30 Days Until I’m Famous (TV Movie)
  16. 2003-The Shield (TV Series)
  17. 2002-American Family (TV Series)
  18. 2001-Training Day
  19. 2000-2001 Resurrection Blvd. (TV Series)
  20. 2001-Gabriela
  21. 2000-The Elian Gonzales Story (TV Movie)
  22. 2000-The Stray
  23. 1999-Blink of an Eye
  24. 1999-Luminarias
  25. 1998-Running Woman
  26. 1997-El aroma del Copal
  27. 1997-Selena
  28. 1996-Depraved
  29. 1996-Last Resort
  30. 1996-Riot (TV Movie)
  31. 1996-Solo
  32. 1995-Above Suspicion
  33. 1995-ER (TV Series)
  34. 1995-My Family
  35. 1993-Painted Desert
  36. 1993-Showdown
  37. 1993-Mi Vida Loca
  38. 1993-Tanto Tiempo (Short)
  39. 1991-Veronica Clare (TV Series)

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