How to naturally make your lips appear bigger?

How to Get Larger Lips?


Your body produces Hyaluronic acids naturally. It is a sugar, which holds water, which helps skin stay hydrated. You will see wrinkled, aged skin as the more water is lost with age. There are both natural and more “natural” ways to get rid of this problem. You can increase your lips size naturally by following a healthy diet. 

A healthy diet can help increase the production of natural hyaluronic Acid in our bodies. This leads to better elasticity in the lips and in other areas of the body. You can also make your lips appear larger and plumper by using natural methods. 
This is done by covering your lips with a lip liner to make them appear plumper and larger than they are. Apply the lip liner to your new lips, and then add lip gloss! Kylie Lip Kits can be used to achieve this. There are other natural ways to achieve this, such as injecting hyaluronic Acid into serums or using other supplements.

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How Do You Get Big Lips?

It’s common to aim for bigger and fuller lips. Learn how to highlight your lips with a variety of techniques. You can make your lips appear larger by learning how to apply make-up and other home remedies.

Drink water

Moisturizing your skin with external products is not the only way. You can moisturize internally by drinking lots of water. This will make your body plump (it’s basically water weight), but your lips will show it.


Mewing is not more than proper tongue position, or, to an even lesser extent, proper body posture. Check out my Ultimate Mewing Book to learn more. Because it is still malleable, mewing is particularly useful for children. It lifts your face up by allowing your maxilla to grow upwards.

 Mewing will allow your lips to reach the highest genetic potential. When the reverse happens, mouth breathing causes the maxilla and mandible to sink. This gives you a long face, stretching the muscles/skin supporting the lips.


Lip fillers offer the ultimate solution for thin lips. Kylie Jenner’s success with lip fillers is an excellent example. However, as a man, you will want to be subtler. Start with a conservative amount. It is possible to add more filler but it is much more difficult than having the filler dissolve. Hyaluronic acids can be dissolved in fillers. This acid increases collagen production and helps to increase blood flow. The downside of fillers is their high price and the fact that they have to be injected repeatedly.

Implants & Fat Injection

They have two permanent options to plump your lips: You can have real lip implants and inject fat into them. These types of plastic surgery will last forever, although fat injections might require touch-ups from time to time. The implant is not going to look soft and will not look great as you grow older. Your face and lips will change with age, so the fat injection could look odd. I recommend getting the fillers only if it is necessary.

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