How To Get a High-Risk Merchant Account Instant Approval?

For any business owner, having a reliable merchant account for payments is crucial. Such services help ensure smooth transactions and no fraud. But to avail of such an account, you must go through an application and approval process.

So, people often wonder how to get a high risk merchant account instant approval. It might seem challenging, but it is simpler than you imagine. Here are some ways you can speed up your account approval process.

What Are High-Risk Merchant Accounts?

High-risk merchant accounts are services used by high-risk businesses like vape marketing or casinos. A high-risk business is one with high chargebacks or huge monthly transactions. In either case, the risk involved is too significant.

So, the account handles such risks and manages the financial aspects seamlessly. You can access such services through multiple companies. The application process requires the fulfillment of a few steps from your side.

But if you abide by the rules and offer a good deal, you can quickly get your account. Some companies have a shorter waiting period than others. However, you can also influence the time by using some tips and tricks mentioned above.

What Documents Do You Need for The Approval Process?

Before you apply to get a merchant account in a company, you must understand its due requirements. Of course, you may know that the company needs your business documents to proceed.

These documents include your business registration proof, business permit, credit score documents, bank transaction statements, personal identification, etc. Depending on the nature and requirements of your industry, more documents may be needed at the time.

So, you must prepare them to provide them to the company at the time of application. You must also prepare a brisk description of your business for their understanding. The better your pitch, the more they are likely to dive into it.

Tips To Shorten the Approval Time for Your Merchant Account

While applying for your high-risk merchant account, you already know the time required to approve it. However, there are a few ways in which you can even shorten that set period by a few days.

If you follow the below tricks, there’s a good chance that the approval for your business will come sooner than expected: keep in mind that not all of these are 100% effective at all times. However, they may prove helpful in some scenarios and save you more time with your high-risk account.

Keep All Your Documents Prepared

You have already seen the documents you need to show during the approval process for your account. Such documents are crucial for the company to understand it’s business and performance.

Processing the documents is tough, so you must send them in as soon as possible. However, the faster you give them access to the documents, the faster you will get approval. It would reduce significant amounts of time from the approval period.

Moreover, if you can, pre-organize and divide the documents as relevant. It would make their work easy and your approval even speedier than before.

Organize Your Credit History

The company that offers you a merchant account will undoubtedly take a look at your credit score. Indeed, you can maintain a clean score to appeal to the company, but there are a few other things too.

You must gather the credit history of your firm and your necessary documents. A clean account of these transactions and the statistics will reduce their approval time even more. Since the data they need is pre-organized, they can go through it much faster.

So, you can contact your legal representative and financial manager to gather the data you need into documents.

Stay Transparent

You must have heard “honesty is the best policy” a thousand times. But it is only so popular nowadays because it applies to everything. Honesty is essential when it comes to applying for a high-risk merchant account.

If you try to sugarcoat your credit score or chargeback rate, the company may detect so and delay the approval. So, the best course of action is to come clean and tell everything how it is.

You can be truthful regarding your credit and chargebacks and even the industry. Such honesty will instill faith in your business, and the company may provide your account faster.

Go For a Reliable Company

The best way to ensure that your account gets approved quickly is to choose a company with the best policy. Some companies offer accounts much faster than others, making them more desirable.

So, if time is a priority, you must look for companies that offer their services the fastest. You do not have to wait for limited periods for approval. It would ensure you get an even shorter approval window from the get-go.

Moreover, following our trick above may get approval faster than the already fast process.

Pay A Little More If Needed

The companies that offer the best merchant services sometimes charge higher than others. At the time, the rate may seem unreasonable to you. However, the work it does for you will still be worth tenfold.

Imagine paying more and getting speedy approval, protection from fraud, and seamless transactions. It would still be the perfect deal as it would benefit your business substantially. So you must understand the value such a service holds and be ready to pay a little more.

You can undoubtedly skip this step if money is tight and you cannot afford a pricier option, as the above steps are equally practical.


Getting a high-risk merchant account is no easy task. The testing and approval process is nerve-wracking, even for experienced individuals. But it is a necessary one that any business owner must go through.

However, there are a few ways in which you can ease it and reduce its duration through your actions. We hope that the above tricks have helped you understand how to cut down on the waiting time for your merchant account.

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