How to draw a backpack

How to draw a backpack. Draw a great backpack with drawing instructions and a simple step-by-step tutorial. Ideal for children and beginner artists! Is it back to school you live in? Many children celebrate this season with a “return to school” and receive new clothes and school materials. Often, including this is a practical backpack. Backpacks – also backpacks, backpacks, kitbags, live bags, school or bags – are fabric bags or bags with two straps that connect the shoulders.

Backpacks often connected to school children are also used by hikers, soldiers, business people who wear laptops, and travelers. The recurrence of the hiking hike over long periods is often referred to as a hike. Some backpacks have even received a measure of fame. Dora’s backpack, the explorer, is a full-fledged character. She says: “Everything you need, I have for you,” and provides Dora with objects she needs to end her quests.

However, most of the time, it is the opposite; many backpacks are printed in bright colors with cartoons. Some manufacturers sell “2D” packs that look like a cartoon. Would you like to remove your backpack at school? You can now use this simple drawing tutorial step by step.

Drawing a Backpack

Step 1:

First, pull a curved line. It forms the bottom of the backpack.

Step 2:

Draw a long curved line above the existing line and establish a connection to every corner. It describes the front of the backpack.

Step 3:

Draw another curved line from the top of the backpack to its floor. It gives the backpack a three-dimensional appearance.

Step 4:

Add details and seams to your backpack. Draw a parallel curved line on the side of the backpack. The resulting form should drive the outline of the backpack and have a loose square. Draw a similar curved line on the side of this bag that gives it depth. Then draw a few curved lines to connect the bag to the top of the backpack.

Step 5:

Safe the front of the bag with a couple of curved horizontal lines. Enter an irregular, rounded shape near the backpack and follow it on it. Use several curved lines to describe the handle over the backpack.

Step 6:

If necessary, delete the management lines. Describe the shoulder straps using curved lines. Draw the loop used to set the length of the string by placing a sophisticated tear shape in another.

Step 7:

Draw a few short lines on the side of the backpack and include a “U” shape below. In the mold, draw a crossed slip pattern – diagonal lines that travel from vertical angles to form a water bottle support.

Step 8:

Draw school material in the most important bag. Enter a rectangular shape to form a notebook with small circles above, which shows the spiral connection. Draw corrugated sheets on it to present the writing. In addition to the notebook, connect a rule and pencil’s rectangular and sharp forms. Draw curved lines through the pocket to form the bending of additional school supplies.

Step 9:

How to draw a backpack

Add the detail of the zipper teeth and the appearance by drawing small straight lines through them. Draw a water bottle with a series of curved lines in the side pocket.

Step 10:

How to draw a backpack

Color your backpack. The backpacks can be found in all conceivable colors. So don’t hesitate to be creative. Will your favorite color be, or do you correspond to your school’s official colors?

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