How To Care For The Artificial Grass In Canada?

Artificial grass installation is one of the investments that will enhance the appearance and functionality of your living spaces, outside or inside. 

Canada is famous as the friendliest country and regarded as one of the world’s most sustainable countries. It gets 79% of its electricity from sources that don’t release greenhouse gases. With the help of artificial turf Canada, traditional lawn management chores like mowing, weed whacking, fertilizers, watering, and weeding are a thing of the past. Although artificial grass doesn’t require any maintenance, there are a few things you can do to preserve its attractiveness over time.

Artificial Grass Care Tips

Below are some tips that ensure that your yard remains of top quality.

Regularly Brush It

Artificial grass will show light wear, similar to carpets in high-foot activity areas. As a result, you must regularly lightly brush your new grass to remove any twigs or leaves and to ensure that it regains its shape. You must be careful to brush it lightly or risk damaging the turf. The best brush for the job is one with medium-soft bristles because it will still perform the job while being gentle on the grass. The grass should be brushed in the opposite direction from the synthetic fibres.

Remove The Debris

It is inevitable that with the seasons, your artificial grass will become covered in leaves, pine needles, and other debris located outside. So, if you timely remove the debris from your lawn, it is less likely to become clogged, and also, this debris will not degrade too. To complete the task, a leaf blower will work just fine. Artificial turf is one of the easiest to clean. Most artificial turf in Canada needs cleaning every week to prevent excessive dust and debris buildup.

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Remove The Stains

Water is the best way to clean your artificial grass lawn, and rain can do the trick. If you live somewhere with less rainfall, a quick hose spray will clear away accumulated dust now and then. Additionally, it can aid in removing organic material that has dried out and become hard. Another option is to clean the area with a solution of water and detergent. This cleaning technique is the best way to remove stains from coffee, tea, wine, fruit juices, etc. But stay away from harsh chemicals because they could react with the artificial turf.

Keep Your Turf Odourless

Even if you clean up a stain immediately, your grass will likely continue to smell, especially if you have dogs. Most of these odours are effectively removed by rain or water, but a little extra cleaning force is occasionally needed. Additionally, having barbeques on your lawn can cause foul odours too. It is because cooking oil and food crumbs will undoubtedly be left all over the area. You can use an enzyme cleanser to eliminate the unpleasant smell of pet excretion and urine. Alternatively, you can get rid of the odour by combining vinegar and water in a similar amount.


Artificial grass is a good investment, but like all other investments, it needs a little maintenance to stay in top condition. Following the tips above, ensuring it is free of debris, routinely cleaned, and frequently brushed in high-traffic areas are vital components of care and maintenance. This will undoubtedly pay off in protecting a lovely artificial grass yard.

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