Features to look for in a Salesforce LMS integration software

According to statistics, the number of Salesforce users worldwide exceeds 150,000, while its revenue grows almost 23% annually. Companies swear by this customer relationship management (CRM) platform because it combines a business’s various functions under a single platform.

Before your employees can use this software, they must receive the training to use it efficiently. Usually, users take around six weeks to get comfortable with it, although the exact time varies from one individual to another.

However, a salesforce lms integration allows you to impart the necessary skills to your teams, enhance the efficiency of your coaching, and get results in a much shorter time, and with satisfactory results too.

Once the users become familiar with this CRM, they can use it to achieve various objectives like attracting more buyers, winning more customers, decreasing the response time, and contacting customers at different stages of their buying journey.

Integration of salesforce with an LMS has various advantages, including user data synchronization, measuring training impact, and increasing win rates. But what should you look for in integration software to ensure it delivers the intended results? Continue reading to find out.

The benefits

Integrating your learning management system with the Salesforce app has many benefits, including the ones mentioned below.

Create personalized learning plans

You can design personalized learning paths to design a training program customized to each user’s experience, role, and interests, instead of having a standardized one for everybody.

Manage content centrally

LMS enables you to manage the training program’s content centrally, allowing the sales representatives to access the resources they require without difficulty. It also allows you, as the manager, to provide users with the necessary information at every touchpoint.

No tracking attendance

Managing logistics and regularly tracking attendance is a significant challenge for managers, but you can avoid it by using virtual classes and live demonstrations to emphasize practice-driven coaching.

Check the training impact

You can determine the impact the training has had on the salespersons by attaching class attendance rates and training activity to their performance metrics.

Features to look for in a software

Here are some features that make integration software efficient and capable of providing the results.

Automatically enroll users – The software should give you the benefit of automatic account generation and enrollment. Using Salesforce licenses to create user accounts and automatically include them in compulsory training.

Combine partner and customer information – Combining the customer and partner data with their training history allows you to gain valuable insights into each account, how they would benefit your business and the potential for upselling opportunities.

Integration with messaging apps – Learning should not be limited only to training sessions. Instead, it should become a part of the trainee’s everyday conversation, and the only way to do that is to integrate messaging apps like Slack and business communication platforms like Microsoft Teams.

Does it work for Service Cloud? – Service Cloud is a customer service software developed by CRM Salesforce which allows you to provide personalized services at various touchpoints of the customer’s buying journey. Before choosing an integration application, you should check how it would benefit you using the service cloud.

Increased customer satisfaction – The application should let you use recertification paths and content versioning to ensure your representative’s product knowledge is updated and fresh, with a high-quality response time. Doing so will ultimately increase customer satisfaction since the reps will provide the clients with what they want.

Build confidence amongst reps – Displaying the representative’s certifications and expertise through their learners’ profiles and designing a personalized career development path will help build trust among users.

Reduce customer response time – Choose software that lets you accelerate the response time by providing vital information, knowledge, and resources to the users’ workspaces and giving them access to their training bookmarks.

Using a salesforce LMS integration software reduces the training time, enables salespersons to enjoy quick access to resources, smoothens the training process, and lets you measure the training impact. Choosing one with the crucial features will ensure your reps increase sales and keep the customers satisfied.

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