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7 Instagram Marketing Software You Could Use Every Day- Gramboard

Gramboard is a social media marketing tool for Instagram that can’t be beaten by any other tool! Learn how to use it and grow your following today! If you’re a photographer, a marketer, or just an individual who wants to grow their following on Instagram, you need to get Gramboard. You can get different types of marketing services from Mixx, Youtubestorm, Socialgreg and more to increase social media traffic.This is the best software available because it splits all of the functions into different sections. It’s perfect for beginners because there are several tutorials on how to maximize its features. The best thing about Gramboard is that you can choose which pages you want to follow, and it will only show the ones that are relevant to your account. This is great because you don’t have to see posts that may be irrelevant or not of your interest.

7 Instagram Marketing Software You Could Use Every Day- Gramboard

It is an amazing platform to share videos, images with your followers and fans and one extraordinary place where you get a chance to associate with new clients, collab with influencers and much more.

The primary path to success in any marketing strategy is to have some helpful resources with a great plan. By choosing the correct Instagram marketing tools you can easily come into the limelight and increase your engagements. So, I have put together this list, featuring top 7 Instagram marketing software which you can use it every day to enhance your marketing strategies.

Let’s start!


Gramboard Ai is one of the most popular Instagram marketing software and my favorite too. It allows to maintain several Instagram accounts with great ease as it works on an AutoPilot mode. This also helps in queueing up and automating the posts, comments, likes, very easily which allows to reach the desired group of audience in a short span of time.

Gramboard Ai is great to use as it offers to reach out the targeted audience in a short span of time, meaning Instagram marketers can easily plan, track, and amplify their strategies using this software.

Helps in Managing your account from a single place, allows you to add and delete accounts with simple clicks.

Target Followers, hashtags or locations of User names.

Helps in Scheduling Comments, Likes, Media posts, Follow, Unfollow.

You can communicate with the clients on the basis of number of likes,comments etc.


Hashtags are said to be a great way to associate with large group of audiences and conduct campaigns on Instagram.

Using of hashtags are said to be a fantastic way to attract a certain group of audiences.

But the only issue is that any user can only use 30 hashtags on any post, therefore, it is really very important for you to choose a correct set of terms to gain desired amount of engagements to your posts.

The HashtagsforLikes software is one of the effective and simple ways to get and know about some most popular hashtags based on your niche. You can refine your pursuit by class or just check at the absolute greatest trending topics for the day.


Like Gramboard Ai, Sendible is another similar type of marketing software that will allow you to plan out your Instagram posts and publish directly on Instagram. Sendible also supports you to schedule updates, respond back to your followers by DMing, associate with team members and create analytical reports.

If you’re looking for Instagram promoting software that will also allow you to automate your social media efforts on the go, Sendible has a mobile app for that.

I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend Sendible as this platform also makes it easy to create your own quotes or Images by using their Canva Integration.


I couldn’t create a list of Insta-marketing software without including Tailwind. Arguably the most popular automated scheduling and analytics app out there, Tailwind is a one-stop shop for upcoming Instagram marketers. Unlike some of the other software on this list, this one has it all.

One of the best function of Tailwind’s Instagram scheduler over the other competing software is the unique Smart Schedule functionality. Tailwind automatically suggests the optimal time to post on your Insta-account. This particularly means posts should be scheduled at that particular time when your group of the audience is more engaged with you and your content.


The Landscape is my other image sizing tool of choice. Though, without any doubt, stylish, Landscape is really very powerful when importing images and other font files. It provides tons of efficient ways which allows you to more precisely to produce multiple image sizes optimized for messages, social media profiles, campaigns.

The Landscape also features an import tool, allowing any marketer to transform one image into multiple potential files. Hence, you can create great-looking content that’s totally on-brand, very easily.


One of the best marketing software which I usually recommend to people is Crowdfire. It helps you a lot in gaining real Instagram followers, to achieve more pool for sales and giving the power to marketers in order to shape their social marketing strategies and track their progress in a single app.

In terms of growth tools, Crowdfire allows you to gain the head start on popularity and strategize very well when it comes to whom to follow and whom to interact with.

On top of that, Crowdfire helps users to Schedule and publish content directly to different platforms from one place. Track your performance, followers details, and social growth.


Have2Have.It is another marketing software. This software makes a counterfeit of your feed which is shoppable. It’s certainly a standout amongst the most ideal approaches to coordinate the traffic which you produce via web-based networking media to places where you can make deals, similar to your site.

The best thing which I like about Have2HaveIt is its interface – it gives you a chance to connect one photograph to various platforms if you’ve included different items in a single post. Apart from this, it also has a membership box which enables you to gather messages for future marketing endeavors.

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